Transportation / Logisitics

In this highly competitive market, pennies make dollars! Let Job.Smart help you improve on your bottom line.
-Reduce costs
-Minimize breakdown time
-Track Hour of Service
-Maintain Operator Competency
-Comply with Regulations
-Track safety incidents

Building Management
Increasingly,  government regulations are being mandated on the management of buildings. Even more importantly, managing your buildings effectively makes good business sense.
-Plan and track maintenance
-Identify and management all assets and equipment
-Manage your contractors
-Reduce health and safety incidents
-Manage tenant requests
-Save Money

Oil and Gas
The complex world of oil and gas begins with exploration activities, which feeds into downstream production, retail and wholesale distribution and circles back to site remediation. That is a lot to keep track of. Let Job.Smart help manage your way
-Asset Integrity
-Plan and Track Maintenance
-Robust contractor management
-Reduce LOCís
-Improve safety and reliability
-Track corrective actions
-Maintain Inventory

The construction industry has been around since before the building of the pyramids. It is a faced paced, dynamic industry requiring quick decisions, a flexible work force and attention to detail. Let Job.Smart manage your information, so you can keep focused on the end results.
-Worker competency
-Site safety
-Regulatory compliance
-Equipment reliability
-Cost control
-Time management
-Sub-Contractor management

Civil Infrastructure
The back bone of society, providing power, water, sewage and roads, civil infrastructure is a critical part of every day life that is often over looked until things go badly. Let Jobsmart help minimize disruptions, and should the need arise assist in emergency response. 
-Equipment reliability
-Workforce management
-Asset integrity
-Inventory management
-Safety compliance
-Maintenance planning
-Cost management
-Emergency Response

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