Business in the 21 st century, much like life in general, is complicated.

Expectations of employees, investors and customers, alike, are higher than they have ever
been before.

The tried and true business beliefs still exist; the customer is always right, hard work pays
off, what comes around goes around, look after your nickels and the dollars will take care
of themselves.

These old mantra’s have deep meaning, they mean you must do your best to meet the
expectations placed on you and your business. Expectations for near real time reactions to
events and changes put extra pressure on businesses to manage their businesses

The information age, has given us the ability to generate mountains of information,
however most businesses have yet to adopt effective data capture, analysis and
communication strategies to capitalize on technology.

Job.Smart is a user definable data capture and management system, that gives the
business flexibility to develop and track data against their KPI’s.

In health, safety, productivity, asset management and reliability Job.Smart leads the way
in integrated data management.

Job.Smart follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle to bring information alive and give the
user the power to use data, learn from events and monitor action closures.

We work with our clients to develop business strategies that allow Job.Smart to become
an effective tool in maintaining their business.

- Track your safety

- Manage your productivity

-Daily P&L costing on projects

- Manage your assets

- Enhance your reliability

- Maintain worker competency

All under one umbrella – Job.SMART ™

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